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This case study will be of use to anybody interested in customer engagement, PR, or brand development. Fintech businesses will find this study particularly useful
In this case study, you’ll discover how I helped to develop, implement, and monitor an effective global PR and communication strategy that increased brand awareness and engaged customers.
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Created a coherent and comprehensive international marketing strategy
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A Growing Fintech Business Needed to Create a Marketing and Communication Strategy From Scratch

My client for this project was a fast-growing B2B tech company that provides cutting-edge software solutions to the financial sector. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, they have a client portfolio in 80+ countries across Europe, Africa, South-East Asia, and Latin America. The company’s products and solutions reach 100 million end customers globally.

When I started working with the client, they aimed to scale up their operations and maximize their impact. Consequently, they had started exploring opportunities to use digital marketing and communications more effectively to leverage new business opportunities.

They needed to hire a highly qualified expert to help them create and execute a marketing communications strategy and to track the results of their activities. Moreover, they needed a hands-on person who was able to cover all facets of the job.

This complex project, which was executed over two years, required all of my professional experience. I started my career 13 years ago as a journalist for a business newspaper — an affiliate of the Financial Times. After that, I graduated with a master's degree in Marketing and started my journey in the tech sector. I spent eight years helping technology companies successfully create marketing and business development initiatives.

In the field of fintech, it is challenging to find talented people that both understand the complexity of the industry and that can create effective marketing messaging. I was selected over other candidates because I have a combination of expertise and industry knowledge.


Building a Global PR & Communications Campaign With Creative Video Storytelling and Industry Publications

Developing an International PR Strategy

First, we had to develop an international PR strategy for the various different regions where the company wanted to acquire new clients. This included Africa, with a special focus on Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa, and other parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia and Latin America.

My role was to decide the steps in the communication process, the messaging, and how the strategy could be executed for different regions and target groups.

My responsibilities included driving the company’s PR initiatives and working with partners to deliver local PR campaigns. I led the process of interviewing and selecting local partners, and I worked with these partners to execute projects, measure their effectiveness, and update our strategy according to the results we achieved.

These efforts secured us publications in leading local media and international outlets, including the Financial Times, Forbes Bulgaria, Bloomberg Bulgaria, and others.

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Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Next, the client needed some powerful content marketing initiatives to attract awareness and move prospects through the sales funnel. To fulfill this goal, I created a robust content plan customized for each targeted persona.

I developed the company’s first-ever blog, on WordPress, which featured news, product insights, industry articles, and upcoming events. All content was developed on a separate website, which acted as a branded content hub. To support these efforts, we sent out an industry newsletter every month to over 10,000 potential and existing clients and company partners.

In addition, I created the first-ever written case studies for the company featuring clients from Africa and South-East Asia. I led the whole process, from the research and customer interviews to the writing and publishing. I repurposed most of the content from different channels, including blog posts, company stories, and social media content.

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Producing Video Stories

In addition to content and PR initiatives, I was responsible for finding different engaging ways to share company stories through video.

I met with the largest microfinance institution in India and visited local villages to talk with end clients directly in order to explore how they used the company’s technology to improve their lives. I also traveled to some small islands in the Philippines and interviewed people to gain more insights. Using my client's software meant a lot to them, as they no longer had to travel for hours to the nearest town to pay their bills.

I came up with the concept for these video case studies, and I organized the logistics, selected and hired a production team, and conducted the interviewing, and managed video editing, production, and promotion.

The videos were later launched on the website and social media channels of the company, and they were used as part of the sales process as a valuable source of client insights.

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Driving Social Media Content

All of the initiatives mentioned above made extensive use of digital channels. When I started with the company, their social media channels were not developed, so I created a strategy for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, which they are still using today. I included a variety of content that went beyond the usual company announcements, in order to really engage people that were already interested in the industry.

Together with the design team, we created templates for social media that could be used for different types of content. We started sharing industry facts to educate people about the sector and the future of financial technology. This resulted in higher engagement, as people had a reason to come back and read the company’s content. Hence, they were likely to remember the company’s name and regard them as a thought leader in the industry.

Over time, our social media following steadily grew, supported by targeted paid social initiatives.

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Comprehensive Marketing Initiatives That Are Still Driving Growth

This project resulted in significant qualitative and quantitative outcomes for the company. I was able to deliver tremendous value by increasing brand awareness and by driving an engaged following across multiple channels.

By the end of the project, we had PR coverage in over 350 international and local publications, including prominent business media publications, such as the Financial Times, Forbes Bulgaria, and Bloomberg Bulgaria. We created over 200 articles and written interviews, as well as the company's first video success stories featuring clients from India and the Philippines. The company also now had its first corporate blog and newsletter, and its first written case studies with clients from Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Some of our marketing initiatives, such as the case studies, have helped my client's sales activities by providing further credentials for the business and by highlighting their significant societal impact. As a result, the company has subsequently applied for, and won, several prestigious business awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for the EMEA region.

Thanks to this investment in content and PR outreach, the CEO and company executives are now regarded as thought leaders in their space, and they are often invited by the media to comment on important topics and take part in interviews.

I am a Digital Marketing and Communications professional with 13+ years of experience serving small to medium-sized companies in areas such as digital communications, content strategy, content marketing & management, brand storytelling, social media marketing, etc. I have successfully completed more than 20 projects with B2B companies across Europe, the USA, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.